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    Your complete guide to purchasing chequered steel plates

    Steel is an incredibly versatile material that has found applications in numerous industries. It has undergone the manufacturing process and can be utilised in various applications. Mild steel chequered plates or MS chequered plates have gained significant popularity among these applications due to their positive features. Chequered plates have a distinctive pattern that makes them slip-resistant and able to maintain friction when in contact with other materials.

    Below are some of the most popular types of chequered steel plates used across industries.

    1. Steel chequered plates - Mostly made through hot-rolling, these mild steel chequered plates are created by passing them through rollers with raised patterns. These plates are ideal for heavy-duty applications due to their durability. Additionally, there are different grades of plates available, each of which is suitable for a different application.

     2. Galvanised chequered plates - These plates are coated with steel and zinc to provide protection against corrosion and rust. The weight of each plate varies according to its thickness and size, making it suitable for different applications. The MS chequered plate weight chart is a useful guide for selecting the right plate for a particular use.

     3. Diamond plates - The diamond plate is the most popular and widely recognised type of plate with diamond-shaped patterns. It has excellent anti-slip properties, making it highly suitable for use in industrial flooring. Diamond plates are available in various sizes and are manufactured using either steel or aluminum.

     4. Stainless steel chequered plates - Stainless steel chequered plates are utilised in various industries, such as food processing, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. They are made of stainless steel, which ensures cleanliness and hygiene in the particular application they are used for.

    Various applications of chequered plates

    Chequered plates find numerous applications in various industries, which are determined by the thickness of the plate as mentioned in the MS chequered plate weight chart. Here are some of the most common applications -

     1. Elevator floors - Chequered plates are commonly used in elevator floors due to their durability. These plates are able to withstand heavy foot traffic and prevent warping or damage caused by weight pressures. Additionally, the plates have a polished finish that enhances the visual appeal of the elevator.

     2. Corner guard for walls - In the past, doors were commonly made of wood but later on, chequered plates became a preferred material due to its durability and ability to withstand wear and tear. This shift in material also improved the quality of the doors, making them more long-lasting. As a result, wooden frames were replaced by steel frames. Moreover, the use of hot-rolled plates and steel corner guards has eliminated the need to worry about damaged walls. These materials are galvanized, which means they are protected from rust as well.

    3. Floors of car parking - In the past, car parking areas were constructed using concrete without any grip on the surface. However, nowadays, industries that construct car parking areas can purchase chequered plates from MS plate suppliers in Chennai. These plates come in various sizes and patterns that can be adjusted to fit any floor. Additionally, they are easy to install and provide good traction for car wheels while being parked, making low noise.

     4. Industrial stairs - Chequered plates find application in industrial stairs to ensure safety and prevent health issues caused by contamination. These plates are widely used in chemical plants and factories to avoid accidents and promote safety.

    Moreover, these plates not only provide an aesthetic look but also ensure safety in various industrial applications, making them highly crucial in today's industrial world. If you are looking to purchase chequered plates for your industrial application needs, look no further than jswonemsme.com. With a wide range of options and competitive prices, you can find the perfect chequered plate to fit your needs.

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